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Socio Economic Development


Improving the livelihoods of the Dalit Community in Mahottari


JUP-Nepal, with the financial support from Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF), organized Socio-economic Upliftment of Dalit Community in Mahottari aimed directly at reducing the poverty. Through participatory planning processes, social mobilization, coordination and networking the project has set up over 40 savings and credit groups benefiting 1245 households. The project covered two VDCs: Damhimarayi and Gonarpura in Mahottari district. Through the activities of JUPs social mobilisation team we provided facilitation and material support to new COs, community proposal facilitation to improve village infrastructure, capacity building training to new and exisiting COs, training to support small businesses such as self help veterinary training as well as training on how to manage a savings and credit scheme properly. The revolving fund is a long-term investment in the community and so it will continue to be of benefit to the communities. Particularly pleasing from this project are the large numbers of women who have taken leadership roles in the COs


Promotion of Dalits’ occupational Skill


Dalits are highly dependant on their traditional knowledge and skill for their livelihood. Various whim of development like liberalization and globalization are gradually disturbing Dalit’s traditional skill to sustain their livelihood. Without preservation and protection of Dalit’s skill and knowledge intensified for century, no inclusions are expected. Recognition of skill, knowledge system implies meaningful inclusion rather than physical inclusions. Balance growth of all capital (social, human and physical) is needed for refined development. Skill and knowledge of Dalit occupation fall under human capitals. As their knowledge and skills lack modernization, and due to unplanned and expensive market, their occupation is in danger of disappearing. In this backdrop, JUP-Nepal has been playing vital role for promoting such skill and knowledge, and organized training on making modern equipments.


Inherent skills, efficiency and specialization traits possessed by Dalit community are asset of nation, and it needs to be propagated. It also stressed that the traditional occupation of skills and jobs of Dalits are neglected are to be conserved and modernized. Their traditional occupation needs to be developed as an alternative as well as a dignified source of employment. Another provision is that by providing financial support and upgrading their skill, people of the Dalits and oppressed communities will be attracted in foreign employment opportunities. One of JUPs strategic concerns is to ensure that traditional skills are modernized and preserved rather than being rejected. This programme, for Dalits, certainly fulfills that aspiration.

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Jana Utthan Pratisthan (JUP) is a national organization which campaigns for the human rights of the Dalit community. Since its inception it has been raising a voice against racial, caste, work and decent based discrimination. Mass media and advocacy campaigns have been central to the organisations pursuit of its vision of an "Equitable and non-discriminatory Nepali society". JUP has been successful in lobbing against caste, work and decent base discrimination with national and international bodies. JUP gained Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC of the UN in 2007 in recognition of its human rights work with the Dalit community in Nepal.

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