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‘Strengthening the Advocacy Capacity of Partner Organizations for Dalit Rights’ project is being implemented from Nov 2015 to orient targeted organizations and set working environment among SF partners to build their advocacy capacity for promoting Dalits, excluded and marginalized communities. Advocacy capacity building is a cross-cutting area of intervention and its rationale can be seen from two perspectives: i) the basic minimum requirements needed to perform the activities and to contribute to delivering the outputs and achieving the purpose as stated in the project; and ii) the additional knowledge and skills on HRBA and advocacy that is required in order to ensure the quality impact and sustainability of the project results and organizations.

To initiate the advocacy work for Dalits and excluded communities, two events of RBA and Advocacy Training were conducted for members, staffs and front-line activists in Butwal, Rupandehi and Chapur, Rautahat respectively on 20 – 22 Dec 2014 and 28 – 30 Dec 2014. A total of 24 participants were present from SAC, KIRDARC, NNDSWO, SCDC and ABC Nepal at the training of Butwal, Rupandehi. There were 16 female participants of them. Likewise, a total of 22 participants were present from RRN (Makawanpur and Bara), CCDN, DUEC and NNDSWO at the training of Chapur, Rautahat. There were 9 female participants of them. The Right Based Approach and Advocacy Training was targeted for staffs, members and front-line activists of Partner Organisations (POs) to strengthen the advocacy capacity for promoting rights of Dalits, excluded and marginalized groups.

A workshop on Experience Sharing in Advocacy and Issue identification workshop conducted from 11 – 13 Mar 2015 at Butwal Technical Institute, Butwal and from 5 – 7 July 2015 at Gaidakot, Nawalparasi. These workshops were focused to share experience and best practices on advocacy, analysis of social context and social structure, practical process of right based campaign/program, diversified aspects of social change and basic features of institutional preparation, tools, techniques and strategy on advocacy, issue identification to do advocacy for promoting rights of Dalits and other excluded groups. A total of 49 participants from SAC, KIRDARC, AASA, NNDSWO, SCDC, ABC Nepal, NNDSWO, DEUC, RRN and CCDN were participated in the workshop. The participants were able to explore specific issues to do advocacy in their organization for effective implementation of program activities in terms of addressing the issues of targeted groups and Dalits that will play pivotal role to formulate plan in future and engage with advocacy initiative at organizational and programmatic level.

A coordination meeting was organized on 31 May 2015 at office of National Dalit Commission (NDC) to discuss about alliance of rights of adolescents and social change through strengthening the NARA. NARA is expected to function effectively in terms of raising pertinent issues to influence policy at national level. A total of 29 participants were present at the coordination meeting from NARA and other like-minded organizations. During the meeting, participants emphasized to identify major issues, strengthen the role of local level networks and their functional linkage at national level. Meeting also decided to share the local level issues related to adolescents and youth with relevant ministries, commissions and national level like-minded organizations. ABC Nepal, KIRDARC, RRN, NNDSWO, CCDN will discuss and prepare the presentation on behalf of NARA for sharing. JUP-Nepal will coordinate to organize sharing meeting at national level.

Two events of two-day workshop on ‘Plan Formulation for Strengthening Advocacy’ were conducted at Butwal, Nawalparasi and Hetauda, Makawanpur on 16 – 17 June 2015 and 28 – 29 June 2015 respectively. The main purpose of the workshop was to integrate the issues identified from the workshops of Experience Sharing in Advocacy and Issue Identification into the plans and process of project implementation of. Participants were encouraged to develop a systematic plan to address the issues at the institutional and project implementation level for strengthening advocacy within the organization so that it can promote the rights of Dalits, excluded and marginalized communities. The participants are able to formulate a plan that plays crucial role in addressing the issues of targeted groups and also the root causes of social injustice in future and engage with advocacy initiative at district level to address the issues. All of the participating organizations have made commitment to submit first draft of plan to JUP-Nepal by 15 July 2015 as well as to collect inputs, commitment and effort to support organization in implementing plan effectively where the project supports targeted communities in respective/targeted districts.

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Jana Utthan Pratisthan (JUP) is a national organization which campaigns for the human rights of the Dalit community. Since its inception it has been raising a voice against racial, caste, work and decent based discrimination. Mass media and advocacy campaigns have been central to the organisations pursuit of its vision of an "Equitable and non-discriminatory Nepali society". JUP has been successful in lobbing against caste, work and decent base discrimination with national and international bodies. JUP gained Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC of the UN in 2007 in recognition of its human rights work with the Dalit community in Nepal.

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