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Jana Utthan Pratisthan (JUP-Nepal) established in 1994 and legally registered under the Organization Registration Act 2034 (1977) of Nepal Government. It is a non-partisan, non-profit making and non-governmental organization undertakes studies/research on subjects and issues of national and transnational nature and dimensions. The emerging socio-economic and political trends and opportunities to be generated by new developments come within the scope of JUP-Nepal. The pluralistic nature of Nepali society and polity demands greater understanding and cooperation among political forces and others engaged in dealing with issues of democratic consolidation. The organization gives priority to local development and other areas of national concern for Dalit rights and inclusion. Policy analysis, in-depth studies and researches at national and international level, and their likely impacts on Nepal and South Asia, are some of the principal agendas of the organization. One of its objectives is to assist social scientists from Dalits and marginalized communities focusing youth to enhance their research capabilities.


“Equitable, non-discriminatory and inclusive Nepali Society”


A right based movement to eliminate caste based discrimination and untouchability in order to promote and protect human rights of Dalit community and support their political and socio-economic empowerment.


• To raise public awareness and advocate for proportional representation of Dalits in state mechanisms, development and political process through promoting cooperation between state and non-state actors;
• To build leadership and management capacity of front line Dalit activists, political cadres/leaders and Constituent Assembly/Parliament members from Dalit community to influence law and policy making process;
• To raise public awareness so as to orient policy makers, and development practitioners about the concerns of Dalits on human rights and access to land tenure security;
• To uplift socio-economic status of Dalit community through promotion of micro-finance institutions and micro-enterprise development;
• To conduct research and studies and publications, including "Jana Utthan" monthly magazine to sensitize the issues of Dalits among general public, policy makers, national and international community and do advocacy with the pertinent issues of Dalit community;
• To do advocacy and lobbying with Government of Nepal to effectively implementing the UPR recommendations and Nepal’s own international and international commitments in line with the international human rights standard.

JUP-Nepal has been implementing different projects in close coordination with major political parties, government line agencies, civil society and community people to achieve its objectives. It has adopted the participatory cum right based approach in general and effective coordination mechanism will be developed with all the concerned stakeholders for greater impact and smoothly running the project. The working approach of the organization is more participatory and all the major political parties, civil societies, researchers, academicians, youth volunteers have been placed in a loop at the district and field levels.

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Jana Utthan Pratisthan (JUP) is a national organization which campaigns for the human rights of the Dalit community. Since its inception it has been raising a voice against racial, caste, work and decent based discrimination. Mass media and advocacy campaigns have been central to the organisations pursuit of its vision of an "Equitable and non-discriminatory Nepali society". JUP has been successful in lobbing against caste, work and decent base discrimination with national and international bodies. JUP gained Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC of the UN in 2007 in recognition of its human rights work with the Dalit community in Nepal.

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